True or False? 5 Myths Debunked About Filler And Botox


Botox injections don’t freeze the face when done correctly and in moderation.

We all do it, stare in the mirror at all the lines and creases on our face, wishing it would just disappear by itself. But in this modern day, there are so many options and quick fixes to help get rid of our wrinkles.

Before taking the jump, here are a few myths you should know about these ‘miraculous’ wrinkles reducing treatments.

What is True or not? Find out below.

  1. Botox and fillers are the same.

Answer: False

Botox and fillers are very different from each other. Granted, they are both injectable and it’s true that both reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but they perform differently.

Basically, in simple words, filler fills while Botox relaxes. Wrinkles are formed over time with muscles movements. So with Botox, the muscles responsible for the creation of wrinkle are relaxed with the injection of Botox.

In contrast, fillers fill the wrinkle with the product. It helps to enhance the skin by adding volume where it is lacking. It is inserted in the deeper folds, reducing the movements of the muscle causing the wrinkles.

  1. Botox immobilizes the face.

Answer: False

Botox injections don’t freeze the face when done correctly and in moderation. Naturally, since you are relaxing your muscle, the emotions and movements will be diminished. An experienced doctor will administer the correct dosage, where a more natural result will be seen on the face. The movements would, also, not be negatively affected such as lifting of the brow and smiling.

Be sure to research before you commit to a place. It is important to choose qualified doctors with established practices.

  1. They are extremely painful.

Answer: False

The injections cause minimal pain. The needle is very thin, slightly larger than the ones used for acupuncture, so there’s minimal discomfort. Some people described it as a sharp sting which fades away almost instantly.

After the injection, there will be some red spots and slight swelling at the injection sites, which will fade away by the next day or two.  If you are worried about the pain, ask your doctor for topical anesthetic to numb the area first before starting the procedure.

  1. Addictive products

Answer: True

When something is working perfectly and improving your appearance, you can become addicted to it. The addiction is not a physical addiction but more a physiological addiction. It is based on how it makes a person feel about themselves. For many that love the look it gives them, they would want to keep experiencing the results repeatedly.

Be careful not go overboard with the injections as they can become unnatural looking and freeze your muscles.

  1. Botox lasts a lifetime.

Answer: False

Botox only last up to 3 or 4 moths depending on the dosage used. It might last less if there was a minimal dose. Fillers, on the other hand, last 6-12 months and are reversible.

The reason you might think it lasts longer, is the perception that you get afterwards when the product wears off. If you haven’t been using your muscles for a period of time, it becomes a habit where you, yourself, don’t use it frequently. Therefore, it gives the impression that the botox/fillers are still present.

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What Is Breast Augmentation?

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is to improve or correct the breast via surgery.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also referred clinically as mammoplasty, is the means by which a surgery is performed in order to increase the size of the breasts.

The goal of an augmentation is to improve or correct the breast via surgery. It can also be done as a means to regain breast volume that has been lost due to various reasons such as weight loss, aging, pregnancy and so forth. Due to mastectomy or injuries, it can also be used as a reconstructive method.

Other than the above, breasts augmentation is very popularly done as a cosmetic surgery to increase one’s body confidence.

Types of Breast Implants

The augmentation is performed with the use of different types of implants or even fat transfers from the body in order to increase the breast volume. The different types of implants are used depending on the size you want to go. It will also rely upon your body type in terms of breast tissue and skin elasticity.

Be sure to have an in-depth consultation with your surgeon so that the best implants can be recommended to you.

Silicone Implants

Silicone Implants are loaded with silicone gel. The gel, in question, feels and moves much like normal tissue. Modern highly durable silicone implants do not rupture easily. In the event of leakage, the gel will either stay inside the shell, or move to the inner breast implant’s pocket. Although, they are more natural in touch, they can pose a risk for the person if they leak.

Saline Implants

Saline Implants are filled with sterile salt water. The implants are filled with the right amount of saline depending on the desired size. It is a safer choice as in case of leakage, the liquid will be naturally absorbed by the body and consequently expelled.

Fat Transfer Augmentation:

Fat Breast augmentation uses the fat from your body, extracted through liposuction and it is directly injected into your breast. This type of augmentation is ideal for a minimal breast increase with more natural looking results.  

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure. However, since it is a surgery, there are many risks factors.

  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Formation of breast tissue
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in the sensation of the breast and the nipple
  • Persisting pain
  • Poorly done plastic surgery (unsymmetrical implants)

Prior to getting a breast augmentation, evaluate your own health and talk to your surgeon about any concerns that you may have. More importantly, discuss all the risks and complications of the surgery and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

How the Breast Implant Procedure Is Done

After being administered general anesthesia, the surgeon makes a small cut in order to insert the implants.  Depending on your body and the breast implants, the place of the incision will vary; under the nipple, at the breast fold and at the underarm area.  These areas minimizes the visibility of the scarring.

The implants are placed either above or under the muscles in a pocket. Afterwards the incisions are closed with stitched and bandaged. The overall procedure takes up to two hours.

It is highly important to have a medical evaluation before the procedure.


  1. Breast implants do not last for a long span of time. Future surgeries will be needed to replace the previous implants.
  2. Frequent examinations are needed to evaluate the condition of the implants.
  3. Weight loss, aging, amongst others, will impact the appearance of the implants.
  4. Pick an established practice with experienced surgeon for a well done surgery.
  5. Lastly, do your research thoroughly first before settling on the place, the doctor and on the surgery itself.

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No Smartphone But You Gotta Use Facebook? No Problem, Facebook’s Got The Solution.

Facebook SMS in Cambodia

Using Facebook Without A Smartphone

If you want the convenience of Facebook and somehow or rather you’ve not migrated to a smartphone (so you’re still using the traditional or dumb mobile phone), fret not. Facebook is going out of its way to accommodate people who use these feature phones by providing a solution to this problem.

The massive social network establishment is keen to let its users utilise its platform no matter what phone they are using or which country they’re residing in. Partnering with nine international service providers around the world, Facebook intends to dominate grey areas in countries where usage of smartphones are still lagging behind America and Europe.

Roping in mobile phone manufacturing giants such as Nokia, LG, Sony & Ericsson in its collaboration, Facebook app is incorporated into more than 2,500 type of devices which enables feature phone users the option to synch their phones with Facebook contacts, scroll photos, SMS and stay updated.

Currently, Facebook has launched these feature phones in Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Dominican Republic and Romania. Countries in the pipeline are Canada, India, Mexico, Brazil and Bulgaria.

Those in Cambodia would probably have to wait a little longer to get these feature phones as soon as Facebook has completed its initial planned implementation.

The partnerships are necessary to spearhead a limited mobile arena that could only be liberated with the support of mobile service providers.

Although Facebook has an influential scope in America and Europe, it struggles around the globe to spread its social networking power.

For example, Facebook has yet to penetrate into Russia and China, which have their own prevailing social networks that has remained resolute with users in their countries; making it formidable for Facebook to overcome.

Faced with this conundrum, the social network giant is game to venture into untapped markets, so long as it can expand its user base globally in any each way it can.

2 of the most popular danceclasses



If you are looking for some kind of fun exercise, a danceclass in KL could be your answer.

There are different types of dances from all sorts of cultures. The following 2 are very popular and accessible to everyone.




The origins of this style is reflected in the 1970 in the region of New York, United States, known as ‘the Bronx’. This so-called ghetto was known for the vast majority of Latin American and African-American families. People in this group were mostly involved with break dancing to hip hop music.


Even today, one can still find this sort of dance on television, think of the countless talent shows like So you think you can dance and America’s next dance crew. The breakdance/hiphop schools have already been established as part of their range of dance classes.


The dance itself is a very intensive kind, which is characterized by strong turns and quick steps.



Jazz dance

I recently started with Jazz danceclass in Malaysia. I find it very entertaining.

Jazz dance is a type of dance that mostly relies on the classical ballet, but with influences of modern trends such as rock, hip hop and jazz. It is one of the most requested and learned dance species today. Especially in the United States this form of dance emerges strongly in numerous celebrations and events.


It is a style that has long been developing and expanding, one can always try to add dance steps to the existing range in order to make it an even more unique dance.


If your preference is for dancing to sultry and quick movements interspersed with slow and emotional movements, which you can compare to ballet also, then you best inquire about jazz as it fully meets that description! It’s like any other dance a fun way to relax yourself and loose some energy.



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How Did We Survive Life Before The Smartphones?

Surviving without internet, sata plans and smartphones

Life without smartphones. How did we survive?

I grew up with the generation that had survived without the internet and anyone under thirty would be wondering how the heck we lived without what is now one of the most important necessities of today’s life.

Yes, we survived without the internet pretty well thirty years ago but for some of you who are still pondering about our survival back then here are some answers to your questions:

  1. How did you make plans or get together for any events? This is a mystery to us and we seriously want to know.

Well, we did have land line phones. Every home and office had one telephone to serve our humble needs of communication back then. So we dialed and called people to make plans.

  1. You’re stuck in traffic and you’re not going to make it to the movies/restaurant in time to meet your friends. How in the world do you cancel plans if you didn’t have a mobile phone?

This proves to be a very complex question and the best way we tackled that problem was to pull over and use a phone booth (available almost everywhere) and call that destination spot (provided they had a public phone) or we just got stood up a lot.

  1. Today we are always in a habit of looking at the ID caller before deciding to answer the call. How did you know who was the caller?

The phone rings and we just pick it up. We didn’t know who was calling and that was how it worked. We were adventurous during those times.

  1. How did you date people? How did you find out information on them if you couldn’t “Google” them?

Our social circle tends to be limited and we often date within that circle so we’d get our facts from that circle of friends (with a pinch of trust).

  1. Breaking up with our exes today is often followed by a bit of checking up because we can’t totally let go. How did you guys handled the breakups?

We broke up. End of story. We never keep tabs on our exes. Too bad we have the internet today!

  1. How did you look and apply for jobs?

Newspapers and friends did just fine for us and we mailed our resumes by post.

  1. How did your parents keep tabs with you while you were out?

That’s one of the perks being without internet. You either let the answering machine do its work for you or if you’re carrying a pager, you could choose to respond or not.

With so many mobile providers fueling offers on data plans and packages for smartphones that the need to own a hand phone now is peer pressure even for kids. But as we’re able to cope without the internet, we’re sure that the present generation is capable to survive the internet!

The #1 Reason Internet Companies Fail

To make ends meet, the founders of Airbnb hot glued over 1,000 cereal boxes to pay expenses in their early days. Today Airbnb is worth more than USD 25 billion. Merit is the ultimate equalizer and everyone has a shot. It’s only a matter of how much you want to.
The ability for an internet company to acquire users, retain them and organically grow is a predictor of success. 9 in 10 consumer focused internet companies fail due to their inability to acquire and retain a substantial number of users. Without considering competitors, the numbers may look good but when considering the entire industry, its a whole other story.
When Vaniday was formed in January 2015, the founders started with Berlin. Upon expanding to Singapore last month, they were faced with the reality that the growth achieved by Beauty Guide would get in their way. They had to go back and reassess their approach towards vendor & customer acquisition.
The average internet user is exposed to over 1,000 banner ads per day, so consumer internet companies need to growth hack their way to differentiation and fast. The value offered by broadband internet is one such differentiation factor. So from the 24 hours in the day users have, the online UX needs be so compelling it can positively motivate a user to focus on your service a bit longer instead of time spent off-network with family, work and entertainment obligations.

When it comes to the internet, users visit seven sites after logging in. Becoming one of those seven takes effort. Don’t attribute success to activity. The addition of features, attendance of meetups is not growth. Growth is progress. The addition of customers and building of products counts as growth.

What MIT’s Asia School for Business Should Teach

Learning how to make smarter decisions is key for the job itself, but there a lot of elements outside of the job as well. MIT’s school in Malaysia needs to understand that culture eats strategy, so their graduates will be better off coming to terms with some hard facts about the corporate world such as:

1. Office Politics

Whether you’ve just joined or have been at it for years, you will at some point participate – knowingly or otherwise – in office politics. This can be something as small matters like delays in your requests, to someone overhearing a manager talk about their subordinate in a less flattering light. You can’t avoid it so its best to radiate a positive attitude at all times.

2. You Can Quit

If you’re being mistreated, exploited or under appreciated then leave. Life is too short to be around people who behave that way. People who don’t add any monetary value to your life will fire advice about how quitting impacts the CV negatively, but the reality is that in sticking with a miserable employer, you will under perform and that in itself is a disservice to all the years you invested in building skills. You’re not an unlimited data plan, know your limits and don’t cross them.

3. Listen > Speak

As often as possible, stay silent and observe. Mark Cuban was a billionaire on the first season of Shark Tank and he’s still one in the 7th season. The remainder 8 judges (frequent and guest) combined aren’t even half of his net worth combined. There are many reasons for this, but the key is listening and its demonstrated time & again on the show that billionaires listen, ask questions, offer suggestions and only jump when all the cards are on the table. Your MBA may compel you to appear brute as a show of force, but its unwise in the long run.

4. Mind Your Business

And do on to others as you would have them do onto you. Keep your personal affairs at home. Your colleagues will never be life long friends, keep those delusions to the side. Never divulge your personal matters to co workers. That is unless you want to break rule #1 and want to see your personal affairs become fodder for office gossip.

5. Prevention > Cure

If you’re sick, stay home. If you do this, you will spare your co workers and possibly experience a pay cut. If you don’t do this, you will get paid, get nothing done and infect colleagues for no good reason. Live with the decision you make but the best advice is to rest up asap you can recover accordingly. Exploit unlimited internet plans and enjoy recovery.

Stay tuned for more.

Getting A Prepaid SIM Card In Cambodia

Cell Phone In Front  National Flag Of Cambodia

The days are long gone in Cambodia when visitors or tourists are forced to buy the only available prepaid SIM cards that are specially sold to them at exorbitant prices. Today, all foreigners can simply choose any mobile providers they like and with a passport, register up and pay as little as $1 to connect to the world.

With so many mobile providers, foreigners are spoilt for choice as they’re many prepaid plans and rates being offered in the country. Some of the main mobile service providers are Smart, Cellcard, Beeline, Metfone, qb, to name a few and all carriers have different levels of coverage (although most of them provide good coverage in the main cities) and different rates.

Why do you see some Cambodians carrying a few phones with them? Besides looking cool, it’s simply a way to deal with the difficulties that they sometimes encounter when trying to connect to other network service providers. Also, it seems more economical to them to take advantage of promotions and offers from different networks when they connect with their friends that are on assorted networks.

These prepaid plans in Cambodia are perfect for those who are going to be in Cambodia for a short while (even for a day or two) as you can pay-as-you-use. This is a good choice for travellers also, who need temporary mobile services in the country.

Anyway, even if you’re not visiting the country for a period of time, you may still want to get prepaid SIM card to use if you just like the idea of using a system that gives you flexibility in choosing and switching to different mobile providers, plans and rates whenever you want to.

To sign up for one prepaid SIM card, just head to any thousands of phone shops available in the country but beware of extra charges that some shops will rack up as they try to add on to the prices.

Some may even try to get you to buy their old obsolete tourist SIM card while some may demand evidence of address (which is not necessary if you register at any mobile service providers’ offices or outlets).

There are cases where some prepaid SIM cards costs higher than usual just because they have more numerals of 8 in them. This is because in the Chinese culture, it is considered lucky to have the digit 8 in possession.

There’s also a string of lucky numbers in which the Chinese like, so that’s why it will cost more if you want that particular phone number. If not, just go for the cheapest SIM without any fringes.

Top 8 Travel Hacks

Top 8 Travel Hacks



SIM cards




1) As much as Asians love standing up right after a plane lands, its never a good idea to opt for the 1st row. The seats never recline and your knee/elbow will be the first one smashed by the food trolley. So unless you like inception-esque *kicks* that jolt the funny bone, go back.


2) Unless you enjoy air stewardess gossip and enamoring yourself in the after whiff of every passengers bathroom visit, never ever get a seat near the bathroom. As tempting as it is to potentially have first dibs or access, you will regret it during lunch hour.


3) If you like hidden charges and landing bankrupt, by all means, use the in flight phone system. Or save yourself the trouble by signing up for a reliable mobile internet plan. Of all the internet plan’s in Malaysia, frequent fliers rely on TuneTalk’s wide ranging data plans. Top up and spare yourself the eviction.


4) Airports go out of their way to remind you that once your valuables enter their scanners, there’s no guarantee they’ll come out and they just know you won’t hang back to argue on the off chance that the flight leaves you behind. So bring a jacket to the airport. When you’re in the security line, start by putting all of your crap into your jacket pockets.


5) It’s not a fashion show. Sure you are being profiled by security, but the wealthiest people in the world show up in shorts and flip flops. Its not a business meeting, its an airport. No one cares what you look like.


6) That said, flip flops aren’t always a great idea when you factor in Malaysia’s rain so buy a pair of shoes without laces. Not only is this handy in the security line but they’re easy to slip on and off.


7) Buy tea bags in advance and ask for hot water. Airplane coffee is extremely unhealthy and stiffens the nerves. 8) Loosen up early on with a massage. Filter your preferences here. Maintain the most calm state you can adhere to. Follow minimalism. Cut back on excess.


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The art of yoga


There are plenty of ways to for us to achieve relaxation, be it a massage in one of the many massage parlours, a manicure, or even a pampering day at a spa. These are all nice options, but not something that you can do on a daily basis for your dose of serenity after a hectic day. When all that’s been said are done, you might want to try something else to attain peace in your soul, whilst relaxing your body which in my opinion, there’s no better way to do that than with yoga.

If this won't make you relax...

If this won’t make you relax…

But, what is yoga exactly?

Having originated in India around the sixth and fifth centuries BCE, the word ‘yoga’ derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. It’s not just a physical exercise, no, it’s also a mental and spiritual practice to discipline oneself, where it includes various meditation techniques in order to have better control of one’s thoughts, emotions and breathing.

There are a lot of different types of yoga, which all differ only slightly from each other. The most popular are Hatha, Bikram, Iyengar and Vinaysa yoga.

What can you achieve by practicing yoga?

Regular practice of yoga can produce a long list of health benefits, such as increased fitness and normalization of blood pressure, which ultimately reduce the risk of heart diseases. Most of all, it can decrease your stress level and help you achieve physical, mental and emotional well-being over time, something that few fitness programs can claim.

Where to do yoga in Kuala Lumpur?

There are plenty of good places where you can join a yoga class in Kuala Lumpur, but how exactly can you find the one? Luckily, there is a website where you can find the best workshops, classes or retreats for you to pick and choose according to your own preference and needs in just a few clicks. You can also see the venues’ service listings, prices, locations and special promotions. So, what are you waiting for?


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